Why if you like Coca Cola You will love Amari?

A digest if or simply an after meal beverage is something that most of us like to consume, irrespective of the time or place, Coca Cola being one of the most popular brands. Bloating and overeating are probably some of the key reasons for these beverage consumptions, and it is time people knew about the other alternatives that are far more healthier than what you drink now and probably something better tasting or something that accentuates the palate after you consume food. Amari or Amaro as it is commonly known as is one great alternative. This specific alcohol type is definitely something that will help with all the problems that are taken care of with a bottle of Coca Cola, only in a far healthier way. If you love drinking Coca Cola, you are sure to love this bitter sweet tasting beverage.

The different types of Amari those are available

There is presumably a number of Amari that are available in the market, while some have a more amount of alcohol percentage, some have less. The categories that fall under the Amari include beverages from mild to something that can be considered a drink a bit high in alcohol. Typically, an Amari contains around 16 40% of alcohol. Before we presumably go deeper into the topic about what exactly are some of the pros of consuming Amari, let us simply get to know a bit more about the different types of Amari.

  • Amaro Ciociaro

This is probably one of the first types of Amaro that any person would purchase whilst stocking up their bar. It has a unique bitterness to the taste and also leaves behind a spicy complexity on the palate. The drink is a drink with the perfect amalgamated taste of plums, raisins and winter spices. The appearance of the drink can be very deceptive and looks almost like Coca Cola, given that it is black in color.

  • Amaro Al Tartufo

The drink especially is from the Umbria region and leaves behind a very citrusy kind of taste on the palate. The lingering and subtle truffle finish to the taste is something that is unique of this specific Amari, and it is best not to pair it with anything else and drink it as it is. It is definitely something you are going to rave about and something that you are going to get addicted to and definitely in the best possible way.

  • Fernet Branca

The list of Amari is definitely incomplete without including the most popular type, the Fernet. This is the type of Amari that is not something that you are going to love the first taste due to its bitter yet minty taste. This is not sweet at all and is a bit of an acquired taste but is definitely one of the healthiest drinks out there. You can have it paired with any kind of juice or even alcohol, based on your preferences.

  • Amaro Averna

This is one of the best types of Amari and is one of the very types of the subclass of Fernet. The taste of it is something that is very mild and is comparatively sweeter in comparison to any of the available Amari. It is something that many people often tend to buy given that it doesn’t taste as bitter as the other available types of Amari and is thus popular amongst the people. It has a mild almond and citrusy flavor to it along with a licorice aftertaste. It is one of those Amari that are best to be paired with food and tastes a lot sweeter when consumed on its own.

  • Ramazotti

The last but not the least is the Ramazotti. This is yet another deceptive drink which is black in color, and people often tend to mistake it for Coca Cola although the perception changes with just one sip. The taste of this specific Amaro is somewhat like that of a Blood orange, is not sweet and leaves behind a refreshing bitter aftertaste on the palate.

It is not possible to list down all the available Amari down. Thus we have enlisted some of the most popular kinds that are available in the market.

How is Amari made and processed?

This question might be intriguing, given the fact that the different Italian Amari that are available are something that is definitely not something that your palette is used to drinking. It is better to switch from the carbonated Coca Cola that you love because it is not only going to help you feel better but will also make sure that your health issues are tended with care. The process by which the Amari liquors are made is not rocket science and is basically different kinds of blends and flavor infusions. Amari is made from infusing the different kinds of infusions and flavors and letting it mature in a medium of ethyl alcohol. Some of the different kinds of blends that are done with the Amari flavors include:

  • Different kinds of plants and their parts, be it the roots or even the parts that impart flavor.


  • Several kinds of Amari include the infusion of several kinds of aromatic herbs that are definitely going to be good for your palette and also for your health.


  • There are different kinds of fruits and their juices that are added to the Amari liquor which is one of the best reasons it is great as a drink as well as a health juice sort of thing.


  • The rinds of several citrus fruits are often left to infuse which offers a unique aroma and taste to the Amari.

There are a number of ways and a number of varieties of Amari that are available depending on the type of infusion that is made. It can either be a hot or a cold infusion. The cold infusions often just contain the ingredient that needs to be blended without any other kind of additive while the hot infusions often tend to have sugar or any other kind of additive to enhance the taste and make it a bit sweeter. The Amari doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of sugar in it, given the fact that alcohol and sugar act as heavy antagonists. A little amount of sweetness is added to simply diminish the bitter taste of the liquor which people often tend to dislike.

What is there to love in Amari?

The question is what is there to not love in an Amari. It’s healthy, it’s tasty, and it’s definitely not going to dig a hole in your pocket. If you like to pair your food with a can of Coca Cola, try and switch to Amari and give it a go. You are definitely not going to regret it.

  • Is very good for digestion

There might be a number of Amari but most of them paired with your food acts as a great help to your digestion. It is time to switch to healthier lanes from the carbonated soft drinks which are going to offer the same benefit as that of Amari. Due to the natural ingredients in the drink, Amari helps in digesting the food properly thereby avoiding all the problems that arise due to indigestion. They also tend to be the best kind of cure for breaking the food down and the smaller dosage of alcohol in the drink is definitely not something that is going to create havoc in the body.

  • Reduces bloating and uneasiness instantly

There are times when often after a meal the body feels bloated, and there is certain uneasiness in the body. There might be a number of reasons for this, and the very first resort is Coca Cola, and it helps to relieve some of the uneasiness to a certain extent. If you want a healthier way to cope with this, a quick swig of any of the Amari can help you recover from the problem. It relieves a lot of the bloating feeling and in a better and healthier way. This in comparison to Coca Cola might take a few more minutes to have its effect but will definitely be a better option in the long run.

  • A healthier and pocket friendly option

It is not something new that people tend to incline towards the cheaper products which are going to provide the same effects as that of the expensive ones. Amari and Coca Cola are somewhat similar, only that the Amari is something that is comparatively cheaper and is not going to dig a hole in your pocket. Apart from that, Amari is the beverage that is going to inflict positive changes in the body and definitely in the best possible way and not induce any kind of harmful effect on the body. It is thus best to give Amari a go and test the waters if you want the same advantages that Coca Cola provides you with.

  • It is a great substitute for warming liquor

Liquors are often consumed by a lot of people to warm them, and Amari is definitely something that is going to help you with that. It helps in maintaining the body temperature to cope with the extreme cold conditions and helps to keep them in check. Many people often tend to consume Amari due to the extensive positive effects it inflicts on the health of the person. It is very important substitute your normal goes to drink and change it with any kind of Amari that might fantasize you and intrigue your taste buds.

  • It extensively helps in curing hangovers

Isn’t it always a bit bad when you have to deal with a night of careless drinking? Ever thought that a sort of infused liquor can definitely help in curing that dizzy feeling and bad headache? Well, Amari is proven to help with the hangovers. The different types of Amari that are available are known best to help in curing those bad headaches. Just a proper drink and downing lots of liquid or water can help stabilize that spinning of the head and can also help in maintaining the body homeostasis. It has been found in several reports that Fernet Branca has been one of the best Amari which has been curing hangovers since the very start of its production. Many people often tend to ignore the proper effects and the positive effects of the liquor due to the bitter taste and take a hard pass on it. It is very important to know the pros of the drink and the various kinds of healthy reasons on why it is good to be consumed.

  • It has medicinal values as well

Apart from helping in the proper digestion of food, Amari liquors also help in the different other medicinal values that are often cured with proper medicines. The different kinds of Amari which have the various herb and root infusions is not only a treat for your olfaction but is an even better thing for your cure for any other types of health related issues. It is best to know and have a fair bit of idea about the different kinds of Amari to know which the ideal for the situation at hand is. The various kinds of Amari may not taste the best and have the slightly bitter aftertaste on the tongue, but it is definitely worth the unpleasant feeling because it often tends to be a better cure than medicines known.

Every single person out there is already leading a stressful life in which they hardly spare any time thinking about their wellbeing and thus suffer a lot when it comes to the health. It is time to switch your regular carbonated drink Coca Cola consumption and switch to a much healthier variant of Amari. It is not just going to help you lead a better lifestyle but will also ensure to deal with those nasty hangovers that you often whine about in the next morning after an extensive night out.