What every man on Earth should know about Whiskey


Take the example of literature. Mark Twain once said, “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

After so many surveys it has been proved that people have very limited knowledge about what whiskey is. With this article, we have decided to make men aware of what they are drinking. After all, you must know the background of the king like drink to feel like the emperor.

Before digging deep, this must be mentioned that whiskey is a manly drink. Whenever you think of it, you should know the famous name associated with it. Authors like Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and actors like, Charles Gable are some of those eminent persons who were fans of whiskey. So, we will start knowing what whiskey is.

What Is Whiskey

If you ask this to someone, you will get a ready answer. Whiskey is that time of booze that is distilled from any mashed grain like malted barley, rye, corn and often with the combination of these three grains. Drink from grains can only be labeled whiskey when it contains minimum 40% ABV (alcohol by volume). There are five sub genres of whiskeys which are completely different from each other in order to the methods of procedure. The famous subtypes of whiskey are

  • Scotch
  • Irish whiskey
  • Rye
  • Bourbon and
  • Tennessee whiskey

How Scotch Is Different from Whiskey

Generally, it is known scotch whiskey, but there are really certain differences between these two exotic drinks. Scotch is mainly made from malted barley. Generally, to make it simple, the main ingredients of scotch are barley, yeast, and water.

Why is the drink named ‘Scotch’? Simple. It belongs to Scotland. Scotch must go through the proper aging process. After distillation, scotch won’t be ready until it is kept in oak casks at least for three years with minimum 94.8% alcohol by volume. Scotch whiskey can be divided into five categories

  • Single malt Scotch whiskey This Scotch is made with water and malted barley through single distillation in pot stills.
  • Blended malt Scotch whiskey Here two or more single malt Scotch whiskeys are blended together from different distilleries.
  • Single grain Scotch whiskey This Scotch is a bit different. Actually, it is prepared in a single distillery, but along with malted barley and water, there can be a mixture of other cereals, malted or unmalted. Here, ‘single’ doesn’t mean for making Scotch from single malt, but through single distillery.
  • Blended Scotch whiskey In this style, one or more single malt Scotch is blended with one or more single grain Scotch whiskeys.
  • Blended grain Scotch whiskey Here two or more single grain scotch whiskeys are blended together that comes from different distilleries.

Along with all these differences in production, there is another basic difference between Scotch and whiskey and that is the difference of geographic location. Scotch whiskey is made in Scotland, but the other versions of whiskeys come from different another part of the world. We will also know those in detail.

Irish Whiskey Inseparable Part of Ireland’s Delicacy

Are you in Ireland? Have you asked for a glass of whiskey? Then you will get Irish whiskey here. Is it different from the ‘whiskey’? Yes, a little bit and mainly by the spelling. But, before going any deep, you should know that there are certain similarities between Scotch and Irish whiskey. The later one also contains concentrated alcohol of 98.4%, and it is also aged minimum for three years in wooden casks to get the best taste of it. But, there is always certain discrimination between the two, and if you ask any connoisseur, he will answer that the main difference lies in the taste. Actually, Scotch whiskey has got a smoky taste which is absent in Irish whiskey. Again, the distillation process is done thrice while producing Irish whiskey, while Scotch whiskey is distilled only twice.

It is believed that the method of distillation was brought into Ireland by Irish monks as they used the techniques in order to distil perfume, initially. Later, the method was followed in distilling the most famous spirit of Ireland, Irish whiskey and it became famous in the Europe. Like Scotch whiskey, there are few divisions of Irish whiskey, based on the methods of preparing

  1. Grain Irish Whiskey To make the production cost cheaper, grain whiskey is distilled in column stills.
  1. Blended Irish Whiskey This whiskey is a beautiful blend of malt and grain whiskey. The whiskey will be better if the mixture of malt is increased.
  1. Single Pot Still Whiskey This whiskey is the amalgamation of malt and grain, but both are blended in pot slits.

Rye Popularly Known as Canadian Whiskey

This variation of whiskey has seen the history of Canada for 150 years. Yes, rye has been distilling in Canada for decades, and therefore, it is known as Canadian whiskey. Maybe, the other variations of whiskey are already more popular around the world; but, rye whiskey is stealing the show now. There are usually two versions of rye whiskey

  1. Canadian Whisky – This is the authentic rye whiskey. Is that so? Actually, if you follow the present procedure, you will know that this rye whiskey has very little amount of rye; it usually contains mashed corn.
  2. American Whisky – You can call it more ‘rye whiskey’ than the previous version. It contains 51% of rye in it.


If you want a spicy and fruity taste in your drink, rye whiskey must be at the top of the list. A straight rye must be of minimum two years of age, and it is aged by keeping within oak or wooden barrels. To enjoy rye whiskey the best you can pair it with club soda and ginger ale. To make it more rocking, have it neat or on the rocks. You will miss the true flavor of rye whiskey if you don’t taste the brands, like Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, Old Fashioned, etc.

Bourbon Name Sounds Great

Favorite of all and its popularity are sky touching. There certain similarities between rye and bourbon as both contain not less than 80% of ABV and both must be aged in brand new oak barrels. Bourbon can also be varied as straight bourbon. These are the versions which can be had within two years of producing it. But, you may not get the desired color or flavor from the straight version.

There are certain differences between rye and bourbon. Where rye contains 51% mashed rye in it, bourbon is made of only 51% of corn. Along with this, the fermentation process of bourbon is quite different where the distillation process is done by adding some older mash of corn to the new ones. This process is known as ‘sour mash.’

Where will you get bourbon when you look for whiskey? Actually, the United States, especially Kentucky will give you bourbon when you ask whiskey there. The distillation of bourbon was started since the 18th century, and till now, it has been winning hearts.

What Is Tennessee Whisky?

This is almost similar to bourbon. Jack Daniel is the father figure of Tennessee Whisky who didn’t want to name their product as Bourbon as their product is unique in the way of filtering as their whiskey goes through thick maple charcoal before sending it inside the oak barrels for aging. Tennessee whiskey is the bourbon or whiskey that is only prepared in Tennessee.

How Do You Have Whisky?

Yes, you must have information about that. So far, you got enough information about the types or varieties of whiskey, but now you should also know how to do justice with this adorable drink. First of all, whiskey is not for gobbling altogether. It is an elegant drink to have little sips into it and spend your leisure luxuriously. Remember, as soon as you get connected with whiskey; you are one of the aristocrats of the society; so, no hanky panky business!

Another thing you need to remember while drinking whiskey. You don’t need a full glass. As we have told it already that you can’t chug whiskey and then puke, you have to maintain that generosity with it. Have whiskey in your glass of a finger or two finger width. Have little sips, enjoy the taste when it moves down your throat and enjoys your slumber. You can refill your glass again with the same formula if you want to.

The next thing you need to know is how to drink it, means what. Many people prefer having it ‘on the rocks’ that is only with ice. There are people who love to have it neat, without ice. If you are at a cocktail bar, you can enjoy several sophisticated drinks, made up of whiskey and lots of other drinks, flavors, juices, etc. Have you tasted classic Manhattan? This on a martini glass or on the rocks can make your regular afternoon a celebratory one.

Simple Way to Make a Wonderful Glass of Cocktail

We find it legit to provide you an awesome idea to make a beautiful glass of homemade Manhattan. So, here are the tips to try it


  • Whiskey (rye or bourbon) 2 oz
  • Dashes of bitters 3 4
  • Sweet Vermouth 1 oz
  • Maraschino Cherries a few


  • Take a pint glass and fill it with ice cubes.
  • Pour whiskey, bitters, and vermouth into it and stir for at least 30 seconds.
  • Take an Old Fashioned glass and place the cherries. You can also use a little amount of cherry juice into it.
  • Strain the mixture of pint glass into the new glass and you are done.
  • To make it more happening, you can use flavored whiskey, like apple or peach.

Steps to Enjoy Your Whisky

You must be surprised, but yes, you should follow certain steps to enjoy your glass like a pro. As the title suggests, with whiskey you can create poetry and for that follow the following steps

  1. Pick the Right Glass

You need to feel what you are having, and that’s why you need to choose the appropriate glass for it. Experts suggest having it in a solid tumbler when you are having neat or with water or on the rocks. If you want long drinks, go for ‘highball.’ It is a tall and straight sided, slim glass.

  1. Decide the Temperature

It usually depends on your choice and the brand you are having. There are certain brands which taste the best with earthly warmth, while you want to have some completely chilled.

  1. Take the Smell

A whiskey connoisseur always prefers to have his whiskey in a certain glass where he can have the aroma of having it. So, after making your drink, hold your nose inside and take the aroma; feel it before drinking and then have little sip into it. Count ten to feel the taste that it has left on your palette. And then take the next sip.

  1. Never Hesitate to Experiment

The best way to have whiskey is to make it your own. The more you own the drink, the more variations you can discover. It depends on everyone’s taste to decide which one is better and which one is not that much good. But, there is always a chance for experiments. If you want to enjoy the best flavor and taste of your glass of whiskey, experimentation is the only key. You can try different types of glasses, try different temperatures. Add water and other juices to make an exclusive cocktail. It is only up to you how you want to have your glass of whiskey.

Today, you have got much information about the manly drink, whiskey. ‘Manly’ doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy the drink. As whiskey means sophistication, elegance, and poise, it is also favorite drinks for women of upper class. So, from now on whenever you visit a bar or pub and want something unique to drink, whiskey must be your best choice.