5 Reasons Why IS Mezcal Taking United States by Storm


Mezcal is the omnipresent spirit that has been living and keeping people boozed up with its charm from a long time. But, a certain wave has come in the United States that has increased the popularity of Mezcal a lot. Presently, this Mexican drink is winning hearts and making people enthusiastic with its smoky aroma and delectable taste. According to data from Mexican Government, between 2007 and 2011, the craze of Mezcal has grown so much that the overall purchase has increased 48 percent! Wonderfully, impressive! No? There are several other important reasons for the immense success of Mezcal around the world, but the fame it has gained in the USA only because of its unique flavor and out of the world taste. People often compare Mezcal to tequila, but ask them who have experienced both; you will get a completely different overview from them.

In America, this is known as the hottest and trendy spirit of the country. Why is Mezcal gaining so much fame over any other alcoholic drinks, even than tequila? Today, we will find out the important reasons of its fame before discussing more on the drink.

Reasons Mezcal Is Winning Hearts

Basically, Mezcal is the processed drink that is derived from the agave plant. As Mexico is the home ground of varieties of agave plants, varieties of Mezcal are produced there, and soon it spreads all over the world and boozes everyone with its charm. Why has it become the talk of the town in the USA? Let’s find out the answers

  1. It’s Unique

“Mezcal is new; Mezcal is old; Mezcal is pure; Mezcal is gold.”

Actually, Mezcal is completely unique than any of its counterparts. It is an alcoholic drink which is prepared from the agave plant, and due to the unique process of preparing it, Mezcal got a smoky smell. That aroma makes it stand out than any of other drinks, even from tequila whom you can call its brother from another mother. Apart from the smell, Mezcal comes with an exclusive flavor which seems bitter to some, to some it is sour, and people also say it tastes cheesy. It is said that initially, Mezcal is not for all. You need time to make the friendship, but once it made you will know what it is. This is Mexico’s traditional agave spirit that will charm you to the fullest. Today, it has been so much in demand that new types of mescals are being prepared and bottled to send each part of the US and the world.

  1. It Has Rich History

Like old wine in new bottle, you will prefer now old Mezcal of thousands of years in a new bottle.

You need to time travel to the age when the Europeans first stepped into America. Mexico was always the growing ground of agave, and it was basically used as a sweetener as well as to add flavor in cooking. At that time, agave was also got fermented, and the mild alcoholic drink like pulque kept people boozed. It was the invasion of the Spanish that process of distillation was introduced here. Soon, the juices of agave were started to be distilled, and that commence the birth of mescal. The first mescal, which had seen the sun, was in the 1500s. Soon, it started to be exported to the outer world and earned popularity.

  1. Rarity of Tobola Mezcal

Gold is rare, that’s why it is always in demand and expensive too.

It is true that maximum Mezcal is made from the special Oaxacan variety, Espadin. But, the most authentic and traditional Mezcal is made up from the Tobala variety of agave which is quite rare. You know that is rare that is more popular. Tobala is nature’s gift that grows in Oaxaca at higher elevations. It can be cultivated, but you won’t get the raw and wild taste in that. Annually, people get a little amount of Tobala each year and make Mezcal out of it. Tobala Mezcal tastes sweeter, and the flavor is earthier than any other varieties. It is quite obvious that the rare and wild Tobala Mezcal will be immensely popular in the United States.

  1. The Myth of Larvae

“No matter how much truth is there, but, Mezcal can be an aphrodisiac, my dear.”

Actually, the use of larvae in Mezcal bottle is not an old tradition; it was in 1950 when a clever marketing person started adding a special type of larvae into the bottle to hide the chemical smell of poorly made mescal. There are, specifically, two types of larvae are used in Mezcal bottles

  • Gusano Rojo or red larvae
  • Gusano de Oro or white or golden larvae

The red one is known to be the tastier. Now, it is said that there are certain components in these larvae which are an aphrodisiac and your prince charming can find you sexier after having this. You know the result! Now, how much truth is there that is not clear yet, but there are several brands which use these larvae in their bottles and Mezcal with larvae are getting real popularity in America. Still, for your information, all brands don’t use larvae in it. If any brands use it, you will find the label, mentioning ‘Con Gusano’ which means ‘With Worm.’ While buying, check the label.

  1. Varieties Are Available

A true connoisseur will always look for variety.

Like much other alcoholic drinks, Mezcal also has several varieties, based on its age. On the basis of production time, Mezcal can be divided into following categories

  1. Joven This is the youngest Mezcal that is only two months or less old.
  2. Reposado This means’rested.’ This version of Mezcal is old only of 2 months to 1 year.
  3. Anejo This Mexican term is used to denote ‘aged.’ It is 1 to 3 years old.
  4. Extra Anejo The name says it all. In mescal, extra Anejo is still not formalized, but that can be marketed in that way. Any Mezcal that is more than 3 years old that is extra Anejo. Obviously, it will taste better and have amazing boozing effect.

American people like to experiment; they prefer having varieties in life. It is quite obvious that they won’t hesitate a bit to taste any of these categories first hand.

The Famous Brand of Mezcal That Are Ruling the Market

Till now, you got an idea why Mezcal is gaining so much fame in the US as well as throughout the world, but you should also know which brands are doing successful business in introducing the most earthly and traditional Mexican drink to the world. While talking about the famous brands of mescal, we can present you the following names which are leading presently

  1. Del Maguey Their uniqueness lies in their production style. Each DM Mezcal arrives from different Oaxacan villages that are why each one is different from the other in a matter of flavor and taste. You will get several Espadin varieties and one limited Tobala varieties under DM’s flagship.


  1. Ilegal This talks about the history of Mezcal which was first smuggled from Oaxaca to Guatemala. They serve joven, Anejo and reposado.


  1. Fidencio Talking about the top Mezcal brands and not mentioning Fidencio is not done. This is made in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. Basically, Fidencio only offers joven bottling but will get 3 varieties of mescals, prepared from 3 different types of agave. Firstly, they are popular in bringing 3 varieties from Espadin type of agave. And they are also expert in bringing Mezcal from Tobala and Madrecuixe variety. Another unique feature of this brand that the agave they collect are completely raw as they grow in the mountainous region of San Baltazar Guelavila.


  1. Scorpion Many companies bottled a larva, but they put a scorpion instead! That is not only the exclusiveness they offer. Along with a two limited edition Tobala varieties, Scorpion also comes with 3 varieties more joven, reposado and 3 ages of Anejo a 1 year old, one 5 years old and the last one are 7 year old.


  1. Sombra This belongs to San Juan, Oaxaca. Presently, Sombra only offers joven that comes from Espadin variety of agave to Mezcal lovers.


So, hopefully, you get why Mezcal is so popular nowadays. Actually, it is not like that Mezcal is a new member of alcohol society, but it has a rich history of 200 years. But, the fact is it is gaining recognition worldwide as the reputed brands are boosting the amazing drink and coming up with more experiments to bring out better varieties. Presently, you can find mescals with nuts, fruits, agave nectar and several other types of flavoring. Those really taste awesome and also never deviate from the authentic smoky smell and traditional earthen flavor. There are basically two forms in which Mezcal is served, the Type 1 or 100% agave and Type 2 where 80% is agave and 20% sugar cane juice. Apart from that, you will find ‘Crema de Mezcal’ where 80% is agave, and 20% is agave nectar.